Understanding The Dissertation Vs Thesis Difference Debate

When you think about graduate school, you probably have heard one of the following terms which are requirements for most (if not all) programs at this level: The dissertation and thesis. It’s great that you have searched online to learn some things ahead of time. The following is everything you should know about the thesis vs dissertation: 8 basic differences.

Thesis – Scope and Length

If you ever wonder what would be easier to complete (a dissertation and thesis from start to finish) the simple answer would be the thesis which is usually completed within a year. It also only requires about 50 pages versus a dissertation that could be as much as a book.

Dissertation – Scope and Length

As mentioned above one of the biggest differences between dissertation and thesis writing comes down to scope and length. Dissertations will largely deal with primary data collections and deal with first-time studies that could take months if not years to complete and will account for fully published manuscripts in most cases.

Differences in Data Collection

If you are familiar with dissertations and theses database, free yourself from the stress and realize that the latter is usually easier to deal with when conducting your research. This is primarily because a thesis will deal with a single topic and will have short abstracts, thus making it easier to sort through info.

Extent of the Research Study

One graduate project will certainly demand more research study than the other (you can guess which one) and this is because the work of a dissertation is viewed as comprehensive work that defines a given topic – while the thesis is viewed as a study within that topic area.

The Type of Degree Sought

According to a study in the U.S. that only 2% of students have a doctorate degree. The difference in a dissertation vs master’s thesis is that the former is a requirement to proceed to the doctoral program at most universities. The latter is usually a commendable accomplishment worthy of professional work at most companies and industries.

Level of Credibility in Study

A dissertation is often thought of a comprehensive and end-all-to-all view or opinion of a given topic. It is what other researchers and students will base their work on and as such is afforded a higher level of credibility in most instances across most disciplines.

The Amount of Time Spent

Most students probably already know that the amount of work that goes into the dissertation project is significantly longer than that that goes into the thesis project. In most cases, a thesis will be completed within an academic school year; in contrast the dissertation can take anywhere between 6 months to several years to completion.

The Weight of the Step Stone

This is more applicable when considering what one wants to do after completing higher education. If one wishes to enter the professional world as an expert in the field but doesn’t wish to be an academic then the thesis will do. If one wants to pursue an academic profession and continue with research then a dissertation is a must.

As you can see that both projects give you the chance to research a topic within a given discipline in-depth and to present your findings in a manner upon which others can build. Whether you should write a dissertation or thesis is really dependent on your department’s requirement and your personal preferences. Just remember that no matter what you choose (or is requested of you from your school) always use a dissertation and thesis database to get you started on your way. This valuable tool can work wonders towards your success.