Learn the Tricks for Proper Dissertation Citation APA

The list of references is a critical part of a dissertation. That’s because it enables readers to easily locate the sources that you have used to justify your study. APA is one of the most popular referencing styles for dissertation papers. As you prepare to undertake this important project, it is crucial that you clearly understand what APA citation of dissertation entails.

Some students find it convenient to simply use an APA citation machine dissertation. However, it is recommended that you know how to apply this citation style without this generator. This article discusses the key elements of APA style citation that you should keep in mind.

The Basics of APA Citation for Dissertation

Unlike other styles of referencing, dissertation citation in APA requires that you only include the cited sources. This means the list of references should only comprise of the sources mentioned in the dissertation. Similarly, all the sources cited in the paper must be shown in the reference list. The references should be written on a separate page on the last part of the paper. Before you start listing the sources, give this page a title, ‘’References.’’

The word ‘References’ should not be italicized, underlined, marked with quotations or in bold. Instead, it should be written in a larger font size and centered at the top of the page. It’s also important to note that dissertation citation APA style stipulates that the references should include the last names of the authors organized in an alphabetical order. Just like the other sections of the paper, references should be double spaced.

When writing the citation section, remember that the references should be indented from the margin to make them look distinctive.

Citation for single authors

Below is an example of how a proper unpublished dissertation citation APA for a single author should look like.

Frow, J. (2010). New Literary History, 41(2), 237-252

Citation for two authors

If you want to include a reference for two sources, start with the above then, include a comma and ampersand between them as indicated below.

Spira, J. B., & Feintuch, J.B. (2005). The cost of not paying attention: How interruptions impact knowledge worker production. New York, NY: Basex.

Citation for multiple authors

If you have between three to seven authors, separate each name with a comma then add ampersand between the last two names. The maximum number of authors that should be included in each reference list is seven. Published dissertation citation APA for seven authors should also follow the above format. However, you should include ellipses and the last name of the author.

Besides the number of authors, the format for dissertation APA referencing can also be determined by the types of sources including journals, books and other materials. For further assistance, an APA dissertation citation generator can always come in handy. What’s more, you can consult your supervisor if you need clarification.