What Kind Of Topic Should I Choose For My Dissertation?

In each and every dissertation paper writing, choosing a topic for the paper comes first. Making the right choice of topic is very important in developing a high quality paper. So, what kind of topic should I choose for my paper? Well, this is a very good question. It is the start of the journey of finding solutions to your assignment. You could be studying a very interesting area but the way you choose and formulate your topic is very important. It is a key determinant of the success that you will have in writing your paper.

First, it all begins from a deep and thorough research in your area of study. This way, you will be able to get sufficient information for your topic. Here is what should define your choice of topic:

  • Specificity: the kind of topic that should define your paper needs to be very specific. Don’t make it look like you are providing a pack of solutions to areas that have not been covered in the past. Choose a very specific matter concerning the subject you are looking at. For example, studying on “the impact of technology on learning among children” is more specific and suitable to study on other than just stating your topic as “the impact of technology.”
  • A topic that seeks to fill up study gaps: Before a dissertation topic can be written, a researcher should identify some study gaps. These study gaps show areas that need to be addressed through your topic and in that case, they inform how it will be written. Make sure that your topic is an evident summary of what you will cover in your writing.
  • Short and precise: it is unlikely that your topic will be more than two sentences. Well, the shorter it is, the more sensible it becomes. Therefore, make it very accurate and precise. This is the kind of topic you should focus on. In that case, it is important to fine-tune the details of what you are going to cover in your paper.

Your dissertation topic is everything in your assignment – if you get it wrong, you will not write a good paper. You get it right, and then you will have some nice moment writing your paper. Therefore, don’t rush it. Identify areas of study that needs further research and then write your topic based on that information.